Catherine Tate and Katy Brand in Historical Comedy

10 May 2012

Top female comedians Catherine Tate and Katy Brand will play a series of historical characters in a new one-off comedy called Psychobitches.

Commissioned by Sky Arts, this unique project imagines conversations between famous or infamous female historical characters like Beatrix Potter and Eva Braun and their therapist.
The half-hour show also marks the TV directorial debut of the League Of Gentlemen’s Jeremy Dyson.

Catherine Tate plays Eva Braun and Edith Piaf, Sharon Horgan plays Jane Austen and Frieda Kahlo, Katy Brand is Joan of Arc and George Eliot, Benidorm star Sheila Reid plays Mother Theresa, Sam Spiro from Grandma’s House is Mary Whitehouse and Judy Garland, Selina Griffiths from The Smoking Room portrays Beatrix Potter.

Magician Andy Nyman will be cross-dressing to play Sarah, Abraham’s wife.  
Executive producer Ben Cavey said: ‘Psychobitches has to be one of the most exciting ensembles of female comedic talent and Andy Nyman.

‘The team of writers - Jeremy Dyson, Laurence Rickard, Simon Carlyle and Morwenna Banks, Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie - have created a brilliantly unique and original way of interpreting the sketch genre.’

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