News Dave Fishwick on Pay Day Loans

Dave Fishwick on Pay Day Loans

Dave Fishwick is a business keynote speaker and is recognised for his idea to set up the ‘Bank of Dave’, a bank that serves to help businesses borrow from savers who in turn will gain a good return on their money.

Dave has a new Channel 4 show out called ‘Dave: Loan Ranger’, the aim of the programme is for Dave to ‘tackle payday loan companies and look for new ways to help people trapped in cycles of debt get back on track.’ Dave became more aware of people in the UK’s debt problems when he set up the Bank of Dave and was shocked by the number of people who were struggling to get out of a significant amount of debt that had built up due to payday loans.

In his new programme, Dave tries to understand more about payday loan companies, which have become increasingly popular in the UK. Dave met with people who have borrowed from pay day lenders, whose debts have spiralled out of control; he met 21 year old Christopher who was in £1500 of debt and began receiving a huge number of calls and emails offering him more payday loans. Dave gave Christopher and two other victims of payday lenders, the money they needed to pay back and so far none of them have missed a payment back to Dave.

Dave is hoping that ‘Dave: Loan Ranger’ will show people the risks that come with taking money from payday lenders and he believes that ‘loans should be limited to 30 per cent of disposable income and there should be a 24 hour cooling off period.’

Miquita Oliver presented ‘Young, British and Broke’ last year and stated that companies like Wonga, Quickquid and Mr Lender should have stricter rules to abide by. ‘Dave: Loan Ranger’ shows Dave speaking to a woman who worked for a payday lender and said that he had ‘targeted vulnerable people’, in the hope that they would keep coming back for more loans.

Keynote speaker and financial broadcaster, Anthony Hilton has a very different take on payday lenders and he has spoken about them as a necessity for people struggling to get by. Anthony is aware that payday loans come at a price, however he states that ‘The essential truth about payday loans is that you do not have to like them or to approve of every organisation which offers them to understand that they meet a genuine need and provide temporary relief for a lot of hardship.’

Although not everyone is in agreement regarding payday lenders, whether we like it or not payday lenders are not going anywhere, however people taking the loans must be made aware of the risks and warned about the increasing interest rates.

Towards the end of 2013 George Osborne introduced a cap on payday loans in the hope that the government could ‘regulate what had become a wholly unregulated market.’

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