News David Gower Saves His Jokes

David Gower Saves His Jokes

The charismatic English cricket legend David Gower talks to the Guardian about one of the defining moments in his career, and about why he keeps his funny one-liners close to his chest!

David Gower, after dinner speaker, experienced bon viveur, and inspirational sportsman describes the moment he flicked the ball straight to Graham Gooch’s square leg in 1991.

“I made sure that as I walked off Gooch was behind me, so it wasn't the look on his face that bothered me so much as the sounds of huffing and puffing, and the steam coming from his ears. It was a fairly frosty atmosphere in the dressing room, despite the fact it was about 40 degrees outside.”

And of his sense of humour he says:...

Guardian: “David, can you tell us a joke?”

David Gower: “No. I only know three, and I need them all for the after dinner circuit.”

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