News Dr Robert Holden on Oprah

Dr Robert Holden on Oprah

Shown in 140 countries worldwide, Dr Robert Holden caused a stir with his humor, authenticity, wisdom and ability to talk about Happiness & Success with Oprah Winfrey on a rare live broadcast of her show. As a result, sales of his book 'Happiness Now!' have reached no. 4 in the Amazon list of bestsellers which illustrates the huge positive reaction to his appearance and has seen his profile rise enormously.

The success of this show has therefore meant increased demand for Robert and with the Oprah producers creating a special follow-on show to be broadcast on May 9th, which will show footage of a two-day Happiness workshop being filmed on the 4th & 5th of May, even more awareness and exposure will be created. The Oprah website has offered 12 lucky people the opportunity to feature in this event and over half a million people have so far applied.

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