End Your Event with a Band - Our 8 Top Picks

6 September 2019

There’s nothing quite like ending and event with a bang, and one of our favourite ways of doing this is dressing up to the nines and dancing the night away to a band!

It’s a lovely picture, seeing colleagues and friends relaxing and enjoying themselves while celebrating a successful year of business. This is usually following an uplifting after-dinner speaker , or a personality hosting  and handing out awards. As the event really kicks into gear, that’s when a band  can drive the night to the perfect ending.

Selecting the right entertainment can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together some of our top picks for this award season.

Soul Brothers

Bringing the perfect combination of flawless vocals, dazzling choreography, sharp suits and the tightest backing band this side of the seventies: The Soul Brothers packs an incredible show. An all-singing, dancing extravaganza of the world's greatest funky soul, Motown and current hip-hop, RnB and pop hits. The Soul Brothers are a collective of some of the best UK musicians, guaranteed to set your night on fire.

Ember String Trio

Ember are a new-age, contemporary string trio consisting of virtuoso violinist Elliot Lyte and cellists Tom Huet and Chris Gascoine. After a chance meeting following a string session at Abbey Road for Pink Floyd, the trio began arranging and uploading contemporary pop interpretations on, gathering a staggering 20 million views. They perform unique arrangements of contemporary pop songs around the world.

Sons of Pitches

The Sons of Pitches are a multi-award winning British vocal group rising to fame after being the first winners of the BBC2’s The Naked Choir. Combining soaring solos, impeccable harmonies and sensational beatboxing to stunning effect, they really take audiences on a vocal ride. Taking the musical world by storm, The Sons are a growing sensation, revitalising a cappella and making a name a pretty big name for themselves on YouTube.


Composed of three voices and a guitar, DUKE provide a truly spectacular live performance. Their extraordinary live show is an uplifting blast through popular music with no sampling, looping or effects. Just beatbox, vocals and one guitar create one continuous mix, hit after hit from current to classic. So spectacular, that Duke have shared a stage with both Prince and Amy Winehouse, they will be a hit at any event.

The Magnets

Like Pitch Perfect with cojones, The Magnets are an a cappella super-group featuring vocal and beatboxing talent on the international a cappella scene and London’s West End. Revolutionising British a cappella in the 2000s by combining virtuosi vocal percussion with glorious harmonies, they have gone on to become a must see act on the international music scene.


Schwing’s sensational repertoire combines swing band and Italian classics with dance floor filling pop and soul. Made up of some of the finest and diverse musicians in the UK, they perform at venues ranging from smoky jazz clubs to graduates of some of the finest music academies in the UK. The bands youthful vigour, natural showmanship and professionalism have made each event one to remember.


ROYAL are the UK’s most vigorous and diverse live act. This 6-piece band consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Cajon Trumpet and Trombone. Offering a high energy show stopping 30 min or 60 min set, they are unique and are led by a real showman. Covering everything from funk & soul to house, reggae and some of the nation’s favourite feel-good tunes, the audiences will be up and grooving to their tunes.

SAS Band

The SAS Band are a renowned music group, an ultimate all-star band who rock out with some of the world’s greatest musicians. Founded by the musical institution, Spike Edney, the group have performed with the globe’s greatest talent in some of the most prestigious musical venues.

With this Award season shaping up to be quite the spectacle, providing some musical entertainment will make sure that employees will remember not only have a wonderful time on the night, but remember it for years to come!

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