Gabby Logan on Mo Farah's Success

4 September 2013

In her weekly Waitrose Weekend column, Sports presenter, Gabby Logan  looks at Olympic and World Champion Mo Farah’s career and ponders his next move.

Gabby examines Mo's ranking in the pantheon of British athletics greats writes: "How do you measure greatness is sport, or to be more specific, in British athletics? This was the hot topic among my colleagues in Moscow last week. Can you compare Daley Thompson and Mo Farah? Is it about gold’s, or does longevity play a part? So many factors to consider: different era, different funding, different events.”

The debate over comparing athletes was started by Sir Seb Coe, who stated that Mo’s win in Moscow made him the greatest British athlete ever.

In her column, Gabby states that she finds it difficult to compare great athletes and that we cannot underestimate Daley Thomson and his unbelievable achievements.

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