News Gareth Malone Accepts His OBE

Gareth Malone Accepts His OBE

TV presenter and choir master, Gareth Malone, accepted his OBE this week with his glowing wife by his side.

Gareth was thrilled to accept his OBE from the Princess Royal and described his year in 2012 as his “annus mirabilis”. Gareth’s heavily pregnant wife, Rebecca, joined him for the occasion and was there to watch him receive his OBE.

Speaking about his brief encounter with Princess Anne, Gareth said “She was asking me very sweetly had life calmed down after the furore of last year and I was telling her, no, it hadn’t really”.

Gareth describes himself as an “animateur, presenter and populariser of choral singing”. His passion for music is evident on his popular BBC One show ‘The Choir’ and has inspired singers all over the UK.

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