Go Green for 2021

2 July 2021

Here at the Speakers Corner HQ, we are feeling inspired by the environment. Or rather, inspired by the notion of 'doing our bit'.

Making resolutions or goals for the year ahead can be difficult, especially when they often centre around personal growth and individual targets.

When it feels difficult to cut out chocolate or avoid wine, why not think about working towards a more collaborative goal? The environment is something that affects every single one of us and will do for generations to come.

Inspired by our environmentally aware office, and some of our outstanding sustainability speakers, here are Speakers Corner’s top tips for a green 2021. Get involved!

1. Take your own bags to the supermarket. An obvious one but keep it up.

2. Take a reusable coffee cup to Starbucks or Pret.

3. Avoid printing unnecessary emails at work. 8 copies of an email thread for the whole meeting? Not anymore!

4. Switch to bars of soap and shampoo instead of pump bottles.

5. Take your own Tupperware to a supermarket salad bar. This is a genius tip, for which I must give due credit to Paula .

6. Reduce your meat consumption. Our wonderful speaker  Trewin Restorick  spoke on the  Mallen Baker podcast  about how we cannot keep using land to sustain the meat we produce, and the meat industry’s huge contribution to greenhouse gases.

7. Use metal straws instead of plastic ones. Take one with you on a night out to a cocktail bar! Ace wild animal biologist and speaker  Liz Bonnin  will thank you for this!

8. Try using a moon cup rather than sanitary towels and tampons. This is a huge money saver too!

9. Buy unpackaged fruit and veg and just wash them at home.

10. Get a bamboo toothbrush instead of using plastic ones. They’re prettier, too!

11. Source your food from local producers. For example, pick UK grown spinach rather than Peruvian.

12. Try using Ecosia as your web browser. They plant trees when you hit a certain number of searches.

13. Cut your shower time in half!

14. Target food waste! If we all stopped wasting food which could have been eaten, it would have the same CO2 impact as taking 1 in 4 cars off UK roads. There are many food waste recycling schemes through local councils – check here  to find yours!

15. Make sure your recycling is CLEAN. In Lucy Siegle ’s words - If your recycling is not ‘clean’, it’s game over. Already one fifth of the material collected for recycling from households cannot be recycled. When you chuck plasticised paper in with your normal paper (recyclable) it contaminates the whole lot in the eyes of recyclers.

Whether you can commit to just one or a handful of these, small contributions are important for the bigger picture.

We look forward to making 2021 the year we not only work on our personal goals, but environmental ones too. Let’s make this a community effort! Tweet us  @Speakers_Corner  with your top tips. We’d love to hear from you!

For further information or to book a speaker, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070  or email  info@speakerscorner.co.uk .

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