News Going Reggae Reggae for Levi's New Caribbean Smokehouse Restaurant

Going Reggae Reggae for Levi's New Caribbean Smokehouse Restaurant

Arguably the most famous contestant of Dragon's Den whose reggae-influenced sauce has made him a household name and millionaire, Levi Roots has opened his first restaurant, his Caribbean Smokehouse, in Stratford's Westfield.

The new restaurant, in partnership with Eren Ali, co-founder of Las Iguanas, will focus on authentic Caribbean cuisine with Roots adding “I know Caribbean cuisine and Eren knows how to create successful dining experiences. It feels like the perfect partnership.”

In response Eren Ali comments ‘I’ve been relishing the idea of working with Levi and we are bringing something unique back from our Caribbean travels together to Levi’s adopted home town of London.'

The restaurant, along with a product portfolio reaching 50 products, illustrates that the Reggae Reggae brand shows no signs of losing momentum. For further information, please go to the official Twitter account for the Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

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