News Gregg Wallace and Clarissa Dickson Wright Talk Spuds and Pork

Gregg Wallace and Clarissa Dickson Wright Talk Spuds and Pork

As National Chip Week begins, top food experts and TV personalities Gregg Wallace and Clarissa Dickson Wright call the public to action on the beauty of potatoes on the Great British Food Revival on BBC 2.

There is a fear that some of our best British produce is under threat, and this series sees ten of the BBC's best-loved chefs and cooks helping to bring our traditional produce back from the brink.

Each episode of The Great British Food Revival takes two passionate presenters on a gastronomic journey to discover and cook with our great heritage foods. Each show is a campaign by the hosts to raise awareness, get people cooking with, talking about and enjoying these great British ingredients.

In this second episode of the series, greengrocer and Masterchef host Gregg Wallace makes a case for the revival of potatoes. At risk of being usurped by rice or pasta, Gregg believes that tatties need more respect. He tracks down some heritage varieties that are full of flavour, and whistles up three fabulous dishes including a definitive shepherd's pie and his own favourite, Dauphinoise potatoes.

On a mission to save rare breed pork is Clarissa Dickson Wright, who believes that government meddling in the 1950s has left us with flavourless commercial pigs, with none of the character of our native breeds. She meets some of the hardworking farmers battling to preserve our rare breed porkers and lets us in on some scintillating cooking secrets, including how to get perfect crackling on your Sunday roast.

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