Blog How Do You Want to Be Remembered? | The Week That Was at Speakers Corner

How Do You Want to Be Remembered? | The Week That Was at Speakers Corner

Hello I’m Natalia, the Digital Content Marketer for Speakers Corner.

It's Thanksgiving week and we're thankful for the wealth of speakers we get to see at Speakers Corner Towers and beyond.

From author, journalist and podcaster Daisy Buchanan, to the late-night stylings of 11 amazing comedy acts, this week kept us busy but grateful for the amazing stories we get to hear through the power of the spoken word.

So check out who came by and who we saw this week at Speakers Corner.

Jeremy Snape

jeremy snape speakers corner

International cricketer, coach and speaker Jeremy Snape helped us get inside the mind of champions at the beginning of the week. We had a really interesting morning discussing how to lead through uncertain times, some key tactics toempower teams and and the video we saw on the meaning of Ubuntu was inspiring. But the biggest takeaway we found was how he asks his teams “how will you act when you fail?” It might sound counterproductive, but by understanding how youll react in those times, allows one to prepare and then respond quicker, meaning you come back faster and stronger. about Monday Motivation!

Marc Koska OBE


The following Tuesday didn't disappoint either. Inventor of the single-use syringe, LifeSaver programme and ApiJect, Marc Koska OBE stopped by the office to share his journey from collecting wildflowers in Bournemouth to travelling to over 60 countries since 2001 with over 2.5B syringes, preventing about 10M infections.

His new mission in life? Revolutionising syringes again with Apiject, a soft syringe inspired by bees. It’s a great story and one which will benefit mankind for decades to come.

Clive Woodward OBE & Sonja McLaughlan


How do you win in sport and business? Our Account Manager Scott joined the How To Academy for a night with in conversation with National Rugby Legend Clive Woodward and Sonja McLaughlan.

Clive discussed his experience in creating the culture of a winning team – in any environment and his 2003 Rugby World Cup victory, leaving the audience with a final thought after his inspiring speech: "How do you want to be remembered?"

Bluebook Showcase


Aboard a boat just across the London Eye, Natalia found herself laughing the night away with over 10 comedy acts.

From the outrageous to the downright hilarious, the Bluebook Showcase was a fantastic pre-Christmas celebration of laughter with Adam Rowe, Daliso Chaponda, Elf_Lyons, Helen Bauer, Kelsey de Almeida, Kwame Asante, Lily Phillips, Patrick Spicer, Sikisa, Stephen Buchanan, and the comedy musical musings of Huge Davies.

The comedy circuit is full of incredible talent coming through the ranks that’s for sure.

Daisy Buchanan


We ended the week with none other than author, podcaster and speaker Daisy Buchanan who shared a talk on harnessing millennial superpowers in the workplace and the value of true resilience:

"Resilience is having a strong emotional metabolism, it's not about being cold, but about practising vulnerability."

But our biggest takeaway? Creating a “To-Done List”. Now that’s how to leave the office on a high!

We feel stronger already!

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