Interview How to Achieve Your Goals | A Q&A with David Hyner

How to Achieve Your Goals | A Q&A with David Hyner

Professional speaker, entrepreneur and author, David Hyner spoke to us about setting goals and how to best achieve them. Spending two decades interviewing high achievers from multiple disciplines, he understands how people can achieve at the highest level and fulfil their potential to the maximum.

You’ve spent time interviewing high achievers. Was there anything from these interviews that you took on board personally in order to achieve some of your own goals?

To be honest it changed my life and my business for ever! ‘SMART’ goals do NOT work, and set us up for mediocrity AT BEST! What I learnt was that highly effective people and organisations do NOT set the much taught ‘SMART’ goals. Instead they set MASSIVE goals and focus on “SMART” or, realistic and achievable steps, that take them to their massive goals.

The first time I followed their system to achieve, I achieved things that others believed would be impossible for me to do. I now help between 10-50,000 people a year do the same.

One of my favourite things is to share this message to large business audiences because it is easy to apply and, in many cases, can be actioned before they even leave the conference giving an instant ROI for the client.

Throughout your extensive research, have you found correlations between people who are trying to achieve success but in different disciplines (business, sport, art, etc.)?

That’s a great question… and many people are challenged by the simple nature of the common traits, mistaking them as simplistic?

They do simple stuff consistently well, and do not worry about what others think of their unusual thought and behaviour processes. Many also have a very clear and defined sense of purpose, or 

why they are doing the goal in the first place. This, I determine, enables them to brush off minor setbacks and failures along the way to push through the barriers to success. When others give in at the first signs of failure, their massive sense of purpose enables them to brush themselves down and go again, and again.

I’ve seen that you have an interest in helping schools, universities and the younger generations. What is it about these generations that has sparked this interest?

Where do I start?

They are very much maligned, and employers are terrified of this generation entering the workplace. They are in fact going to change the world, and the way of working for many years to come and so I believe that if as employers we want them to enter our businesses with the skills needed to win, that we should take some responsibility in making that happen.

Your speaking topics aim to inspire others. What advice would you give people who have a goal but don’t know the steps to take in order to achieve it?

Track down the very best person you can find in the world (especially if they are a world champion, no. 1, or multi award winning, or Millionaire etc) who does what it is you want to achieve, and seek an interview with them to understand how it is they think and behave. They will give you their process as a matter of course so focus on the thoughts and behaviours that they “do” when working these processes. This, when actioned upon, will reap HUGE rewards!

In addition, start a peer group containing people who are different in skills to yourself. Meet on a regular basis and brainstorm each other’s goals, support each other between meetings, and most importantly of all… hold each other accountable to achieving your goals.

Thanks for chatting with us David! It was great to hear your insights and I look forward to putting them into practise.

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