How to Book a Comedian for Your Event

16 January 2020

A comedian is a wonderful edition to an event, but it is crucial to ensure that whoever takes the stage is a hit with your audience. We have put our heads together to come up with some top tips on how to book a comedian for your event!

When you’re dealing with 1,000+ boisterous audience members for an after-dinner slot, an awards night or corporate entertainment, booking a comedian which can hold their attention will ensure the right tone for the evening is set.

How to Create Your Shortlist

Our little book of contacts is full of hilarious comedians, and when booking a comedian, the following questions come in handy;

  • Are there things the comedian should avoid in their set (swearing / topics)? Let them know
  • It’s helpful to provide a brief background of the company so they can do their research
  • Are there any previous comedians that have gone down well with your audience? Let us know as this will provide insight into what will go down a treat

Audience Demographics

Knowing your audiences’ demographics is crucial to selecting the perfect comedian for the event. Whether it’s a seasoned professional that the audience grew up watching, or an up and coming star fresh from the fringe, knowing this will help to make sure whoever you select is a perfect fit for your event.

Watch Showreels

You will be able to get a good understanding of what to expect from a comedian based on what content is in their showreel. If you’re feeling even more thorough you could show the clip around the office to make sure their content is received well across a range of demographics.

What Are You After?

Make sure you know what you are wanting the comedian to do at your event. Whether it’s after-dinner entertainment, a comedy set or an awards night, they are amazing at all of them.

Venue & Layout

To get the best out of your event, comedians like to be on a stage with the crowd seated or in cabaret style. They also prefer not to be in the round with the audience surrounding them from all sides.

Seek Expert Recommendations

We visit the Edinburgh Fringe every year to seek the hottest, brightest and funniest acts on the corporate circuit, and like to keep an eye out for up and coming talent. In addition, our very own Comedy Collective Showcase events are a great way to see comedians you may have never previously considered. Seasoned professionals or ones to watch, you can trust that we will put the best down for your brief.

If you’re looking to book a comedian, then get in touch with us today to find out who could bring laughter to your event!

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