How to Think Differently In A Rapidly Changing World | The Week That Was

10 December 2019

Our advent calendars may have been opened but with just a few weeks left of 2019, we're still in full events season mode.

From CEO and brand specialist Sophie Devonshire, to visits to Speakers Corner Towers from serial entrepreneur Caroline Plumb and conductor Suzi Digby, this week kept us festive and busy with new and exciting events!

So check out who came by and who we saw this week at Speakers Corner.

Caroline Plumb

Fluidly founder and serial entrepreneur Caroline Plumb started the week off strong with a talk around innovation, technology and how to think differently in a vastly changing world.

She challenged our thinking with examples of how she's organised agile and innovative teams, shared her story of founding Fluidly and left us with the final thought of how 'leaders of the past know how to tell and leaders of the future know how to ask'- so inspiring!

Suzi Digby

Suzi Digby, speaker & conductor, popped into Speakers Corner Towers and invited us into the world of music with tales about her work in Beijing and the importance of team-building through song.

Her passion for music was infectious and we realised how uniting it's power was to help take people out of their comfort zone and help create dynamic teams.

Cas Mudde In Conversation with Paul Lewis

What defines the far-right renaissance that we are living through today?

Paul Lewis discussed the topic in a fascinating In Conversation With Political Scientist, Cas Mudde.

With a new book called The Far Right Today, on the way, it was a lively discussion at the Guardian Live Event attended by our teammate Ela!

Sophie Devonshire

Our lucky colleague Poonam got to check out Sophie Devonshire at the Hello Upstream event. As the CEO of The Caffeine Partner, Sophie Devonsire turned this Christmas Business Event into an invigorating lecture on leadership, acceleration and performance!

Polly Toynbee

The Lost Decade lecture was a fascinating insight into world politics from award-winning journalist Polly Toynbee who shared her views on the past 10 years, and in particular, her perspective on the choices we face in the upcoming General Election, a hot topic we even came up with a checklist for!

John Kampfner

When the Berlin Wall came down, John Kampfner was working as the East Berlin correspondent of the Telegraph. Thirty years later, John joined us at the Imperial College of London, to share just 'Why the German's Do it Better'.

Largely told from his new book titled 'Why the Germans Do It Better. Lessons from a Grown Up Country,' John spent the night comparing contemporary Germany with the mayhem of Brexit Britain and Trump's America, arguing that its political maturity enables it to confront the challenges of the contemporary world better than others.

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