Huw Edwards presents BBC Four documentary, Disraeli & Gladstone - Clash of the Titans

3 March 2009

Huw Edwards  presents this clear and succinct description of the biggest feud in the history of British politics that carried on unabated for 40 years. Gladstone and Disraeli could not have been more different, either personally or politically, and they loathed each other. “Gladstone thought Disraeli was a charlatan,” says Kenneth Clarke , “and Disraeli thought Gladstone was mad.” Yet for all their differences, they depended on one another and sustained each others’ careers, and between them they shaped the face of modern British politics. The Dean of Westminster was right when he called them “the great twin brothers of British politics”.

Disraeli & Gladstone - Clash of the Titans is on BBC Four at 8pm on Tuesday 3th March 2009

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