News Ian Livingstone, Ajaz Ahmed, and other Speakers Corner Talent in Wired Top 100

Ian Livingstone, Ajaz Ahmed, and other Speakers Corner Talent in Wired Top 100

Speakers Corner’s top talent is elevated to the technology elite as Wired Magazine publishes its second annual survey of the UK’s digital power brokers. Featured as leaders in the field are Ian Livingstone , Ajaz Ahmed, Brent Hoberman, Bruno Giussani, Jamie Murray Wells and Stephen Fry.

Bruno Giussani– European Director of the TED Conferences, is a former journalist who curates the annual TEDGlobal conference and runs TED’s European activities. Ajaz Ahmed’s London-based digital  agency, AKQA, has become one of the world’s biggest, employing 900 people, at only 5 years old. Jamie Murray Wells – Founder of Glasses Direct and entrepreneur in residence for Atomico is a new entry into the list, and Ian Livingstone – life President of Eidos – is advising the Cabinet on how to help the industry grow by using apps, consoles and the internet.

Martha Lane Fox – the government’s digital champion – heads the Race Online 2012 project to connect the UK’s offline population of ten million by the end of next year, and Stephen Fry – Media Polymath, Tech poster boy – has had a personalised iPad case created by Apple!

Also in the top 100 are Julie Meyer – Founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital; Rory Cellan-Jones – the BBC’s Technology Correspondent; Natalie Massenet – Founder of Net-A-Porter and Brent Hoberman – Co-Founder of Profounders Capital.

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