Is It Simply All About Brexit? | A Q&A with Christian Fraser

3 January 2020

We caught up with host Christian Fraser at our October Knowledge Guild to discuss his exciting broadcasting career and whether it simply is all about Brexit?

Tonight's theme is all about Planning for Unprecedented Change, do you have a key piece of advice you'd share with the audience?

I spend an awful amount of my time now interviewing politicians specifically about Brexit, and opinion formers about Brexit. So I suppose, by hook or by crook, I've developed a bit of a niche for myself.

As a result, a lot of people ask me what I think is going to happen next. What sort of things might unfold in parliament and from that, it's only a short step really to getting on the stage and telling people what I think and the way it might unfold.

But, there aren't any straight answers on Brexit, as we know, and it changes. So trying to advise people on what's going to happen with Brexit is a fools game. Anybody who tells you they know, frankly is lying.

How would you describe your role as facilitator on stage, and what preparation do you do beforehand to make this work?

Well, as you see I'm very politically focused. I spend a lot of my time talking about Donal Trump, or Brexit, or geopolitics or global affairs, that sort of thing. So I bring a lot of that to the speaking events that I go to. There's lots of anecdotes that I pick up along the way, lots of politicians that I speak to, people are always interested in those, and so I bring a little bit of the experience I have as a broadcaster to the events that I host.

Finally, what’s next for you?

I have very short horizons at the moment. My life is completely about Brexit, so I stand on College Green in the Spring, the Summer and the Winter, in all seasons and I look to the next big event in Brexit. I'll be doing that tomorrow night, and I'll be doing it all the way through till January, and I can't plan for anything else at the moment. It is just simply all about Brexit.

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