Jacqueline Gold Joins the new ITV gameshow

1 December 2006

A number of famous philanthropists will make up a panel whose job it is to decide who, of those standing before them, is deserving of a share of the massive cash sum in Fortune. The panel are author and former politician Jeffrey Archer , Scottish entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne , Crystal Palace Chairman and owner Simon Jordan, MOBO’s founder Kanya King, and Jacqueline Gold .

The catch is that the hopefuls only get one minute to make their pitch and they must convince the panel that they are deserving recipients of the cash to make their hopes and aspirations a reality.

They will then face a barrage of questions from the panellists before they decide how genuine and worthy of the money they are. The ‘asker’ must receive a majority vote or they will leave with their hope of winning a cash bonanza dashed.

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