News James Caan breathes new life into new look property website

James Caan breathes new life into new look property website

Dragon’s Den star, James Caan is anticipating a huge surge in online property enquiries this autumn as the housing market picks up.

James who was appointed chairman of in 2008, says he expects both estate agents and buyers to get back into the market before the end of the year. He plans to unveil a series of initiatives in the coming months designed to put liquidity back into the housing market.

“The UK housing market is slowly recovering,” says James. “We have already seen an increase in the number of enquiries on the site – but there are just not enough people putting homes on the market.

“ has planned a range of powerful products which will blow the current obstacles to sellers and buyers out of the water. We have prepared the site to help the market cope with the new demand.”

The company's new website, which features UK and overseas properties for sale or for rent, has now incorporated Google Streetview for homes in 25 cities across the UK. It has a new-look homepage which helps users find property more quickly, and the entire website now operates faster.

Aaron Turner, founder of, says he is delighted with the new look.

“The site is slicker, quicker and more effective,” says Turner, “and our use of Google Streetview literally puts us streets ahead of our competitors.”

James Caan became chairman of the property portal Look4a after buying a 25 percent stake in the business, which he sees as a clear sign of his commitment to the UK property market.

The website allows potential buyers and tenants to search for the right home for them, using properties submitted by estate agents up and down the country. The site features over 100,000 UK sale and rental properties.

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