Jay Rayner's New Radio 4 Show Kitchen Cabinet

8 February 2012

After dinner speaker , Journalist, food critic, TV writer and presenter Jay Rayner, presents the first programme of a new BBC Radio 4 series: a food panel show, recorded in front of a live audience.

Kitchen Cabinet is aimed at anyone who enjoys cooking at home, not just culinary experts.
Each week the programme travels round the country to visit interesting food locations, and meet locals.

The first programme is set in Sibton, Suffolk, and the panel features: Angela Malik, the Scottish-Indian chef, who has set up her own cookery school, deli and street-market stalls; Rachel McCormack, who spent her formative years in Spain, and who is now successfully spreading the word on all things Spanish, including teaching authentic Catalan cookery; Stefan Gates, food adventurer and self-styled 'gastronaut'; and the food historian, Dr Annie Gray.

Suffolk is known for game, smoke houses and condiments, and the panel will be answering questions about these specialities, as well as finding out whether flatulence has caused many vegetables to fall out of favour, and revealing Queen Victoria's favoured remedy for indigestion.

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