Kanya King on her Career

23 September 2013

Keynote speaker  and founder of the Mobo organisation, Kanya King, spoke recently about her successful career.

Kanya  has so far had an impressive career in the music industry; this began when she introduced the Mobo awards in 1996. The awards are watched by over 400 million viewers in an estimated 200 countries and in 1999 Kanya was appointed MBE for her services to the music industry.

In a recent interview, Kanya spoke about how she aspired to be an actress as a youngster and she attended Goldsmiths College to study English Literature and Drama. However she was unable to balance her studies with working and looking after her son and did not complete her degree.

Kanya stated that she did not have a mentor when she was younger, she learnt by doing and it was her parents lack of opportunities that drove her to become a successful business woman. She has plans to write a book and wants to “expand the Mobo brand by creating more live events, groundbreaking shows and international media platforms for artists we champion.”

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