News Lady Gaga Comes to N7

Lady Gaga Comes to N7


Holloway Road received an expected and somewhat surprising visitor this afternoon with Lady Gaga visiting local hot yoga venue, Bikram Highbury.

Our roving reporter was sent down there to battle through the jeering paparazzi, and their step ladders, while Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters (her followers and fans) maintained a dignified line between the Bikram exit and Rolls Royce door.

As the time arrived with more and more local people gathering around the door and security insisting everyone ‘push back’, the woman herself glided through the melee in a pink and black baggy tracksuit – wearing international popstar sunglasses – and disappeared into the back of the car as quickly as she appeared.

It just goes to show that interesting things happen not just within the walls of Speakers Corner – with our own glittery visitors from show business, sport and business – but also in the streets around us!

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