Louise Redknapp

9 March 2007

Almost 6 million viewers tuned into ITV1 on Wednesday night to witness Louise Redknapp enduring a punishing experiment in an attempt to fit into a size zero dress. The 30 day ordeal followed Louise to LA and back and closely monitored her journey as she shrunk from a healthy size eight to a dangerously thin size four (US 0). The 90 minute documentary served to expose the dangers of extreme dieting and highlighted the pressures on young women today.

With almost one third of the audience share ‘The Truth About Size Zero’ had an unprecedented impact on British viewers. The demographic make-up comprised a massive proportion of ABC1’s and is being regarded within broadcasting as one of the ‘hits of the year’. The Times commented ‘this programme should be watched by every teenage girl in the country’ and being that it far exceeded the average viewing figures for the time slot is looks like it probably was!

Louise has since regained her curves but her personal journey has certainly left its mark.

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