Mark Foster and Louise Hazel Star in Come Dine With Me

4 October 2012

Channel 4 invited London 2012 stars Mark Foster and Louise Hazel to partake in one of the UKs most popular TV shows, Come Dine With Me.

Mark Foster , who presented much of the swimming coverage for London 2012 said he loved the company but was disappointed with his own culinary efforts.

When asked what the food was like in the Olympic Village he replied, “Great! The dining hall is the size of 4 football pitches and you have everything in there, buffet style. Cereal bars, salad, pizza, pasta, Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian, it's all there...”

Louise Hazel , London 2012 Heptathlon star, loved her Come Dine With Me experience.
“My dinner party was so much fun from a host's perspective, as I had three fantastic guests! My starter was a hit, the main course I played safe but everything tasted great and everyone enjoyed the dessert."

When asked whether she is competitive in the kitchen Louise replied: “Absolutely, I was focused and determined and approached the evening as I would do a competition. I had rehearsed my menu with friends, I decided on my strategy - once I had a plan I knew I just had to give it 100% on the evening!”

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