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Meet The Team Meet The Team: Aimee Law

Meet The Team: Aimee Law

Hi, I'm Aimee and the freshest face to the Logistics Team. The last decade has been spent in event and production management learning my trade the hard way and I’ve finally landed at Speakers Corner.

We sat down with our Logistics Coordinator, Aimee, to chat about her first months in the office, life in events and the secret to a great rhinestone pattern.

How are you finding working here at the Speakers Corner Towers?

I have said many times it feels like I’m on holiday! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming (so far). nothing is too much bother and everyone has time for everyone! It’s like the holy grail of offices, home made cakes, inspiring speakers in several times a week, – what isn’t to love? If Carlsberg made offices…….

We heard you love a good karaoke session, what else might we find you doing outside of the office?

Well I’m known to enjoy a cheeky day party in London, any excuse to dress like a Disco Queen I’m in! New and old Disco is my jam so I will embrace anywhere where I can dance like no one is looking with some item of lairy clothing I’m a sure thing.

I also have a slight obsession with any local craft and traders market in and around Walthamstow, I will go to one most weekends even if I don’t buy I do love a good mooch around. Other than the fun stuff I’m always on the look out for another local Lidl.

You've been in the industry for a while, what keeps you passionate about events?

The freebies! No I joke, it’s in my blood, it’s what I’ve grown up around with a lot of my family also in events. What I’ve learnt over the years is that when you spend every waking hour on a event and you are on too many coffees that it starts to impair your vision and speech when you see the event come to life, it’s such an amazing feeling!

The run up to an event is crazy, I’ve worked with some incredible people over the years and you do sacrifice a lot to do what we do: friends, families, relationships, sleep and a good skin care regime, but what you create when you nail it is memories.

You should create something that guests will remember for the rest of their life, whether that’s filled with laughter, tears, friendships, any good event manager can basically make dreams come true. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling, until you get in to the office the next day and it starts all over again.


As a fan of the thread and needle, any favourite pieces you've created? Care to share the secret to a great rhinestone pattern?

So my favourite piece was for Mighty Hoopla festival (my design aesthetic is more flamboyant costume than every day work wear) and my best friend wanted a full length sequin kimono, lets just say it was bold and he looked like Sylvester circa 79. My housemates are still finding sequins all over the house months later!

One thing I learnt with Rhinestones is having a decent craft mat underneath so you can push down evenly with the gun. I’ve lost many a fingertip to rhinestoning. Also stay away from cheap plastic stones, they will disintegrate under the heat of the gun and you're left woth a hot gluey mess.

We hear you're a sucker for new experiences and adventures. Any fun plans on the horizon?

Well I do love me a new pop crazy golf franchise in London and knowing Junkyard Golf is moving locations from Brick Lane to Liverpool Street in the new year I will be popping in for a game and a bonkers cocktail. I haven’t actually been on a personal non work related holiday since January 2017 so I am planning on a jaunt to Peru for a couple of weeks back packing in 2020 other than that a long weekend in Naples to see if the Pizza really is as good as they say it is and a cheeky week in Spain.

We love asking this question - what’s your Dream Dinner guest party? Limited to 6 seats at the table

Dolly Parton, Hugh Laurie, Jason Momoa, Princess Diana, Kathy Burke and Michael Buble.

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