Meet The Team Meet the Team: Dani Teale

Meet the Team: Dani Teale

Hi, I’m Dani! I grew up in Ecuador and recently moved to London. I come from a multicultural background being half Ecuadorian, half Chinese and I also attended a German school! A big part of my life was spent learning new languages, which is how my passion for travelling and experiencing other cultures was born. After graduating in Finance (yes, I enjoy working with numbers and excel files!) I spent some time travelling around South America.

We had a chat with our Finance Assistant, Dani, about her love of cooking and travelling!

What’s your favourite thing about your role at Speakers Corner?

I love working in the Finance team! I really enjoy working with numbers, budgets, invoices and payments. But not only do we make sure that all of our clients receive invoices and artists get paid, we also take care of the financial position of the company. One of the great things about working here is the flexibility - you can implement new things, try them out to see if they work and if they don’t, just go back.

Before finance you were in culinary arts – what’s your favourite thing to cook?

Oh, this is a hard question… After working long hours in the kitchen, I stopped enjoying cooking and started enjoying eating out more and being a foodie. One of my favourite cuisines is Greek, where less is always more. They have simple but exquisite preparations, the dishes stand out, not for being sophisticated, but for the quality of their ingredients. Now that I work in finance I am getting back into cooking. I particularly enjoy making bread as I find it therapeutic to take the time to choose a recipe and experiment with different ingredients.

Besides cooking, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy walking and being in nature. I grew up surrounded by mountains and love hiking. In my spare time I've been exploring London as well as all the rest that England has to offer. I'm excited to see all these new places I've never been before. So far I have been to Cornwall, Bath, Salisbury and Bristol. I will be visiting Oxford next.

Oxford, Holly's old stomping ground - let us know what you think!

Coming from a multicultural background, how important for you is travelling and experiencing new cultures?

I love travelling! You get to see new places, different realities, their history and culture. Not to mention the food! I personally think that travel allows you to walk into other people’s shoes and understand other points of view.

And finally, who’s the best speaker you’ve seen so far?

John AmaechiLiz Bonnin and Rene Carayol!

Three great choices, but if you had to pick one?

Liz Bonnin was amazing, she is a biologist and TV presenter currently focused on projects on climate change. I felt a connection with her work and a responsibility to stop climate change. One of the things that really stuck with me is how badly plastic has affected our environment, wildlife and ecosystems. I would really recommend watching her documentary Drowning in Plastic.

Thanks for chatting with us Dani!

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