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Meet The Team Meet The Team: Emilie Wolfman

Meet The Team: Emilie Wolfman

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

It's time to meet one of our new colleagues, Emilie!

Emilie is a North Londoner (which is handy as we're based in N7) and is one of our Account Managers. If you've recently enquiried chances are you'll have spoken with Emilie.

We shared a delightful summer afternoon sitting in the courtyard finding out a little more about Emilie and what makes her tick! 

Hi Emilie, welcome to the Speakers Corner family! How are you finding it so far?

I love it! The working culture here is fantastic – I’ve never worked anywhere that has displayed such an encouraging team mentality.

I’m just torn between deciding whether it’s a downside or an upside that there is a constant supply of homemade cakes, brownies and other sweet treats. Probably the latter. Cake is great. #BEMORECAKE


You’ve spent time living in France and Japan. If you had to choose between cheese or sashimi, which would it be?

100% sashimi. You don’t get the vivid dreams when you overeat sashimi but can’t say the same about cheese.

Why does cheese spark our vivid imaginations into life when we need to rest! Speaking of Japan...

What was it like living in Tokyo and how does London compare?

Living in Tokyo was both the most exciting and challenging thing I’ve ever done.

I definitely experienced a culture shock when I realised I wasn’t there as a holiday-goer anymore; I’d walk around the streets not being able to understand the thousands of adverts and signs that surrounded me – which was quite intimidating but fascinating at the same time.

I don’t think you really get to experience that anywhere else in the world. Also, now that I’ve experienced Tokyo rush hour – London feels like a breeze. One very obvious difference between Toyko and London is that transport and people are actually on time in Tokyo. The concept of ‘ish’ i.e 3pm ish doesn’t exist. If a train is set to arrive at 3pm – it will be there at 3pm.

We also hear your partial to a spot of tennis too…

I love tennis! I’m currently planning a date to thrash my colleague Dan who is convinced he’ll beat me.

Perhaps we'll make that the centrepiece of our next team social. 

Who’s been the speaker that has made the biggest impression on you so far?

John Amaechi. John was the first speaker I booked and when he came into the office he completely blew us all away. Nobody took their eyes off him for the duration of the time he was here.


Yep, we agree John was great when he came in to see us. 

Thanks for speaking with us Emilie and we'll let you get back to your slice of cake.

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