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Meet The Team Meet the Team: Holly Beddingfield

Meet the Team: Holly Beddingfield

Hello! I’m Holly, I’m from Manchester and I have recently joined Speakers Corner as a Copywriter. I hold a degree in English Literature from Oxford, and this is my first step in the real world. I moved to London with no job and a single month’s rent, in hope of finding a writing job and to be at the heart of the UK’s literary culture.

We chat to newest member of the marketing team, Holly, about culture, poetry, and her favourite speakers.

You’ve been here almost a month now Holly, how are you finding working at Speakers Corner?

I’ve had a really warm welcome at Speakers Corner, for which I am grateful. The team cheer me up every day when I am worried about the logistics of finding an affordable place to live in this city! I love the variety in my job: I write for the blog, social media, and biographies, as well as the longer form PR pieces for the brand. I always said if I was paid to be writing I would be happy, and that is exactly what’s happened.

So, you initially moved to London without a job and a just single month’s rent, what drove you to take such a leap?

It was pot luck! I had a friend here and her job had just moved to Berlin. On the off chance, she asked if anyone wanted her room for a month or so. I read the message and realised I had no reason to say no: I had just finished university and had no idea where I was going next, so trying anything for a month was appealing. I used the money I had saved from my 21st birthday to pay for the rent, and within 13 days I was employed. I still don’t think it’s quite sunk in that I have ‘moved’ but filling my weeks with exciting stuff makes me happy to be able to stay.

Did you notice a culture difference between Manchester and London?

I’m concerned that I’m going to have to take out a mortgage to be able to afford to get my hair done in London. Also nobody seems to smile at me – not on the tube, in the street, or anywhere really. In Manchester people say 'hi' to each other a lot more. It’s nice. It’s colder up there though. I think I feel a bit more enthusiasm in London. People seem happy to be out and about doing stuff. There’s less of a desire to sit on the sofa watching the soaps. I like London a lot, but my masterplan is to get all my friends down here to move up north.

Well, from the sounds of it, you're definitely not shy of being out of your comfort zone – how did you find your time at Oxford Uni?

It was an experience for sure! I struggled in my first year adjusting to the culture and had to learn how to combat overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. However, once I found my groove, I had a really great time. Outside of my degree, I was able to write for and edit magazines, put on the May Ball for my college, and be part of the St Hilda’s Feminist Salon. I think that’s what I miss the most – the opportunity to partake in a variety of things. The friends I made there are truly friends for life, which is something I never expected before I arrived. I speak to them all day every day and hope to do so until I’m like 100 years old.

We hear you’re also a bit of a poetry buff, who’s your favourite poet?

If I had to choose one right now it would be Hera Lindsay Bird, but ask me in a few months and it could be different! I like poets who dispel the received notion that poetry is boring, old and dusty, a dying form that has no place outside of high literature. I like spoken word poets, I like funny poets, I like a lot of energy. Off the top of my head, I would recommend Danez Smith, Mira Gonzalez, Hanif Abdurraqib, Tommy Pico and Morgan Parker to anyone.
I also write my own poetry. Am I allowed to plug my poetry here? Too late… wedgiemagazine.com/holly-beddingfield

You’ve not been here too long yet, but already seen a good few speakers. Who’s been your favourite so far?

Tough question! I really enjoyed hearing from Liz Bonnin, the TV presenter and biologist. She knew so much about different environments across the globe and the biggest threats each area faces. From the Galapagos Islands to the oceans and the Arctic, she not only dealt the harsh realities, but offered tangible ways every person can make a difference.

Thanks for speaking to us Holly, and welcome!

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