Meet The Team Meet the Team: Matt Wetherall

Meet the Team: Matt Wetherall

We caught up with the newest (and only Northern) member of the Account Management team, Matt, about Yorkshire, rock music, and his new life in London.

You’ve been here almost a month now Matt, how are you finding working at Speakers Corner?

I can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone by! As cliché as it sounds, I really have loved every minute I’ve been here and really quickly took to the family feel the team has. I instantly felt welcomed by an office filled with bright, hard-working and creative people, it’s fair to say I’ve experienced worse working environments in the past! Coupled with the fact I now get to spend my days booking, talking about & listening to some of the most high-achieving and inspirational people in the world, I can’t say there’s much I would change about it!

As soon as you open your mouth we know you aren’t from London. Could you tell us a bit about where you’re from and what brought you here?

This is true, it doesn’t tend to take long for people to notice! A little-known fact however is that I was actually born in North London and moved to East Yorkshire when I was only two, though I’m still heavily Team North of course. I landed at Speakers Corner after graduating from University in York and having a significantly better idea of what I didn’t want to do than what I did want to do. The short version of the story following is that I decided to find a career that encompassed some of my biggest interests outside of academia and work, namely comedy and podcasting!

What might we find you doing outside of the office?

My time outside the office is spent in a very conflicting manner of late. I’m attempting to find the balance between the new, mature and professional Matt who enjoys eating well and exploring his new London surroundings, and the old Matt equally content with a full day watching football, mixed martial arts & listening to comedy! The irony of course being that when I fail to find the balance between these two, I spend the evening laying down doing the latter…

We hear you’re into rock music. Who are your favourite bands, and who is great live?

I am indeed! My love of different genres has come and gone throughout time as long as I can remember, but Hendrix, Motorhead, Beastie Boys and other rock artists had such an impact on my childhood the passion simply never faded! I’ve seen some incredible bands in my time, with the most memorable performances being Kasabian, System of a Down and Biffy Clyro I would say. If I’m being completely honest however, the best live performance I’ve ever seen in all my days were by a band called Ming City Rockers, a small rock band from Immingham, Lincolnshire (you’ll have to take my word for it!)

You’ve not been here too long yet, but already seen a good few speakers. Who’s been your favourite so far?

Hmm, good question! My instinctive answer would be Steve Brown, the emotive highs and lows of his story is enough to bring anyone in the room to tears, yet simultaneously can inspire and light a fire within you. A very remarkable man indeed! Another top pick of mine would be Adam Rutherford. Speaking as an individual with perhaps less of a scientific understanding of genetics and evolution than the Neanderthals he writes about, I think Adam’s work was equal parts fascinating and palatable to the entire room. Definitely a must see!

Thanks for speaking to us Matt, and welcome!

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