Meet the Team: Natalia Hernandez

Natalia Hernandez 16 September 2019

We sat down with our Digital Content Marketer, Natalia , to chat about missing Chicago, her inability to pronounce 'Worcester', and why everyone should visit 'the stans'.

You've had a month to settle in now, how are you finding working here at the Speakers Corner Towers?

Very sweet. The cake enthusiasm I’ve been promised has been absolutely delivered on. I’m also learning so many Britishisms between writing articles and churning out gifs and videos like, “thin on the ground” or the very illusive reason as to why “Worcester” and “Leicester” has a blatant disregard for all of its letters.

Making the move to London recently, how are you finding it so far?

I love London! It’s the perfect mix between my 5 years in Europe and my upbringing in Chicago.  It’s got the beautiful diversity of people from all over Europe and beyond, there’s a restaurant for every taste and a show for every mood, while still being metropolitan and absolutely stunning at night. Plus there are canals in Canary Warf, views on Primrose Hill and deer in Richmond Park and Free Museums! I’m constantly exploring and falling in love with the many surprises London has to offer.

We hear you love to travel, what are the next 5 places on your bucket list?

Traveling to India soon (yay!), but I’d also love to have a glass of wine and some khachapuri in Georgia. Travel to see the cider-pouring waiters of Asturias, or see the blue waters of the Phillippines (or anywhere in Asia for that matter). My longstanding dream though has been to go to Afghanistan, and on the way do ‘the stans’, meaning Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. So 5 places plus a whole lot more. I’m always brewing up new travel plans.

We've enjoyed seeing some of your wonderful photos, what is it about photography that you love?

As a child I really fell in love with rummaging through my grandmothers photo albums and seeing people frozen in time, then simultaneously brought to life by the excitement people have when they retell the story of the photo. I’m always trying to recreate that feeling. Especially in a time where photos are so often posed, meaningless and endless. I’m forever chasing that moment when someone is just absolutely themselves, frozen in time, waiting to be brought to life again in a great story they share and laugh about with the people they love.

As a fellow lover of food, what are your go to meals to cook?

My dads fish tacos, my mothers ‘golabki’, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if I’m feeling nostalgic, or sweet potatoes and salmon if I’m feeling lazy but healthy. I also just love cracking open an avocado, sprinkling a dash of salt on it and eating it by the spoonful. Anything colourful and I’m there.

We are always looking for recommendations for places to see, what are your top 3 places you’ve been to in London?

Did I mention I love London, because I love it! God’s Own Junkyard is amazing for a bizarre and beautiful collection of Neon signs and delicious coffee. A boat ride down the canals to see the array of house boats and people laughing and biking on summer evenings. Any festival or market in the city, from the Columbia Road Flower Market to the Notting Hill Carnival this summer, anything colourful, fun and full of people from all corners of life.

We love asking this question - what’s your Dream Dinner guest party? Limited to 6 seats at the table

Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Bourdain, Steve McCurry, Pedro Almodovar, and Frida Kahlo. I think they’ve all been pretty formative in my life and have so purposefully lived their life with a fearless, adventurous, passionate gusto. Definitely a lively evening in my dreams.

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