Meet The Team Meet the Team: Payal Patel

Meet the Team: Payal Patel

I'm Payal and am a member of the Event Logistics Team here at Speakers Corner.

We spoke to logistics whizz Payal, to find out her favourite speakers and her favourite thing to cook!

Hey Payal, can you tell us a little about your role here at Speakers Corner?

Hi! My role at Speakers Corner is in the logistics team. I'm the second point of contact with both the client and artiste after our account management team pass the job onto me. I'm responsible for drawing up all the contracts for both parties, organising a briefing call and arranging all the travel, accomodation, and technical requirements needed to get the best out of the artiste for our client's event. Once a booking has been made, we pretty much support the whole process through from start to finish.

Glad to know it's all in safe hands! What’s your favourite part about being in the logistics team?

I enjoy getting to know our clients and artistes and building a relationship with them. They all come from a wide range of industries (some which I didn't even know existed) and I love gaining that insight into new sectors. I also love working in my team as no two days are the same! Unexpected issues can come up (a speaker's flight is cancelled, etc.) but they are never too big to resolve. We come together as a team to find the best solution! We are a great team!

Love the team pride. We’ve heard you’re a dab hand in the kitchen – what’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love experimenting with different cuisines but my favourite has to be Indian. There are still so many veg and meat dishes from all across India which I have to try - it's unbelievable. The aromatic spices, sauces and condiments to compliment all dishes is what makes cooking Indian cuisine so exciting to me. I use online recipes a lot and learn all I can from very well-known Indian chefs. Another cuisine I like is Mexican - again, the spice and flavour combinations are great - and my family are always a huge fan of the dishes I make.

Yet you still haven't brought some in for us...

I promise I will soon!

We also know you love to travel – where’s the best place you’ve been so far? And where would you love to go next?

Oh there's so many places but my top three have to be Morocco, Barcelona and Rome - they're all so rich in culture and history and it's so amazing to see and learn about it all. I'm also on my way Bali very soon which I am ecstatic about. I'm not even there yet but I'm already planning to go back and travel more of India - every time I go there usually, I only see family so I feel like there are so many beautiful sights that I'm missing out on.

So jealous - hope you have an amzing time.

Lastly, who’s the best speaker you’ve seen so far?

This is a hard one. We have so many great speakers who explore different areas which I'm interested in, but... I really liked Dr Steve Ingham who spoke about his work with Olympians Jessica Ennis-Hill & Mo Farah. I'm a massive fan of the Olympics so that was a great way to start my first week at Speakers Corner! I also really enjoyed Annie Machon. Her life as a former MI5 agent was mind blowing - so interesting to hear about the dangerous life she led - what a women with courage.

Great picks Payal, thanks so much for speaking with us!

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