Meet The Team Meet the Team: Rob Newton

Meet the Team: Rob Newton

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

We sat down with our Head of Marketing, Rob, who seemed to escape this interview when he first joined! We chat about marketing, fatherhood, and iconic dinner dates.

Rob! You’re now a core member of Speakers Corner. How has your time been so far?

It’s flown by, so much so I didn’t really think of myself as a core member until you mentioned it. I spent 12 odd years in event companies running big exhibition and conference marketing campaigns, so now I’m on the other side I’ve learnt so much more stepping out of my comfort zone, and it’s been loads of fun. But the biggest thing I always say is it’s the people you work with, and everyone from colleagues to speakers to clients and suppliers makes the day become that much more enjoyable.

You are known in the office as the founder of Marketing Matters, our weekly marketing newsletter. Is this the best bit about heading up the marketing team?

The previous team ran a Friday newsletter, so I just gave it a name (the Partridge in me coming to the fore). It’s definitely the highlight of the month when it’s my turn to write it, as I’m guaranteed a 100% open rate and I never get any opt-outs. Actually its the most successful email campaign I’ve ever run, so I should probably quit while I’m ahead…

What might we find you doing outside of the office?

I’m lucky enough to have a daughter, so it’s normally painting, colouring in, puzzles, watching Peppa Pig etc while she does her own thing. I go to the gym in the mornings so I can scoff my face with chocolate guilt-free from 10am, and I lose huge chunks of time bounding down the Youtube rabbit hole.

A question I like to ask – name your dream dinner table guests? Limited to 6!

I’d invite Michael Scott as I can learn so much from him about man-management, and one of my best mates John who constantly makes me laugh. Super Frankie Lampard is next to talk about that night in Munich. I love my history, so I think Emmeline Pankhurst would be one, and I was blown away by Dame Stephanie Shirley’s TED talk so I just have so many more questions for her! Finally, I need Dr Frasier Crane at the table just so he can say “I’m listening” one final time.

Who has been your favourite speaker to date?

Alistair Campbell was excellent with the way he talked about mental health in the events industry. Simon Hughes did a great presentation on what he wished he’d known when he was a professional cricketer, and I think we can all relate to that kind of introspection. But for me, the most compelling story and delivery was Petra Velzeboer’s and I think you just have to watch her showreel to see why.

So you get 3 for the price of 1 #marketingmatters

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