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Meet The Team Meet the Team: Roma Brown

Meet the Team: Roma Brown

My name is Roma and I’m a member of the Logistics Team at Speakers Corner.

We caught up with Roma from our logistics team to chat about her love of lists, Harry Potter and dancing.

Hi Roma, it seems like you’ve been at Speakers Corner forever, but it’s actually only been a few months! How are you finding it?

Hi! I am really enjoying being a part of Speakers Corner! It is such a nice place to work and getting the chance to hear so many interesting peoples’ stories/expertise is a privilege.

What in particular do you like about being in the logistics team?

As a self-confessed lover of to-do lists and spread sheets, I couldn’t really ask for more. There is always a new situation which requires creative problem solving and keeps me on my toes! The positivity and support that the team provides on a daily basis is definitely the best part though.

Can you tell us a little about your life before you found your way into the SC family?

Sure! I started off in London as a freelance lighting designer and drama facilitator working with children and disabled adults. I then partnered with a particularly talented learning disabled actress and playwright to start a theatre company that promotes and creates inclusive theatre (which is still going)! My work with mixed ability actors landed me a job as a Talent Manager for an inclusive roster at a great boutique talent management company. Needing a change and wanting to work in a team, I now find myself happily here at SC.

And we're happy to have you!

We’ve heard that you love to dance – is it just something you like to do, or have you had any training?

From the age of 4-18 I trained as a dancer and somewhere have a piece of paper which says I can dance good. These days though, the majority of my dancing is done around my house! I do love a good dance whenever the opportunity presents itself.

So in your bio on our website, you say that you love a Harry Potter pun – tell us, what’s your favourite?

Definitely the most difficult question yet! This one is a favourite:

What house would you be in if you went to Hogwarts?

Ravenclaw, naturally.

And finally, who’s the best speaker you’ve seen so far?

It is difficult to pick between such a diverse mix! I think my favourite for their speaking style, as well as their cleverly researched and original content, would be Sam Conniff.

An awesome choice - Sam is an excellent speaker.

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