Meet The Team Meet the Team: Sophie Graci

Meet the Team: Sophie Graci

We caught up with the newest member of our wonderful Logistics Team, Sophie, to chat about theatre, coding, and wine in the office. 
You’ve been with us at Speakers Corner for a couple of months now Sophie, how are you finding it?
I had such a warm welcome from everyone here, and I feel like I settled in very quickly. I genuinely enjoy coming into work every day, spending time with smart, hard-working (and usually hilarious!) colleagues, and getting to hear from some bright and brilliant minds on everything from Brexit to what happens to our data after we die.
What in particular do you like about being in the logistics team?

I love how supportive our team is of one another – there’s a lot of laughter but there’s also a lot of banding together to help solve the problems that we come across in our work every day. There are always new challenges, but as stressful as it can be sometimes it is always gratifying when you get something weird and wonderful sorted.

We know you studied Drama at university and that you love theatre generally! Is this something you are still involved with?

Yes absolutely - my theatre company Delicious Theatre actually has our London premiere coming up in February, so make sure to come see us now before we get our first Olivier! One of my favourite things to do in the summer is go up to the Edinburgh Fringe and see exciting new theatre companies create amazing work – I particularly love Poltergeist TheatreSpies Like Us and Colla Voce.

What might we find you doing out of the office?

Just before Christmas I finished a coding course with the brilliant Code First Girls, which was very much my only out of work activity because of all the homework that went along with it! I’m about to start volunteering for the Feminist Library, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages so I’m very excited about that. I tend to overfill my week with lots of fun and interesting things and then spend most of the weekend curled up in bed – it’s all about getting some semblance of balance!

You’ve already seen a few speakers since you started! Who has stood out for you?

John Amaechi at my first Knowledge Guild was particularly amazing – such an inspiring man, and the way that he holds a room is really extraordinary. I also have a soft spot for Tom Surgey, who came into the office to talk to us about all things wine-related. My family on my Dad’s side work on a vineyard, and I find the whole process really fascinating.
It was great to find out a little bit more about you, Sophie!

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