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MT's 35 Women Under 35

Determination and self-belief are the foundations of the character traits possessed by all 35 of the women featured in Management Today’s list of the most impressive women in business today.

Including Lauren Currie, Catherine Thomas, Noelle Chen, Smurti Sriram and Fran Millar, the crop comprises gutsy, clever and astute women who have smashed the glass ceiling and have made a name for themselves in the top echelons of the corporate or entrepreneurial world.

Lauren Currie held lofty ambitions from the word go. At school her dream was to become the next James Dyson. With a thirst for design, and a desire to transfer the same principles into the service sector, she founded her own agency, Snook, at the age of 23.

Catherine Thomas’ ambition was born of the need to prove her detractors wrong. Facing the ‘class war’ throughout her schooling, her determination to prove that a state school Welsh girl could get to Oxford and make a name for herself, was the driving force behind the success of one of the most senior lawyers in the UK. 

Noelle Chen, one of the youngest senior M&A executives in the UK, faced a disarming attack from a colleague around a table at a meeting one day. ‘I don’t care what you think, I only care what your boss thinks’. Courageous and self-assured, Noelle informed the source of the insult that she was, in fact, the boss, and from that day on, nothing has stopped her in her rise through the corporate ranks.

CEO of eco-packaging firm Supreme Creations Smurti Sriram, was inspired by her mother, and refuses to feel the impact of discrimination. She secured a £1m deal with Tesco’s head buyer when she was 24 years old, and has been recognised for her innovative and self-assured approach to business.

Fran Millar is one of the founding members of Team Sky – The British pro-cycling team – and describes herself as ‘fearless’. After winning two Tour de France races, she continues to impress in business and is a face to watch.

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