New Year, New Me: Speakers Corner Team do New Year's Resolutions

1 January 2019

It's 2019 already! We know, we can't believe it either. The years keep going faster. And we certainly aren't getting any younger.  We've made (and failed) many New Year's Resolutions in our time, but that didn't stop us from coming up with some more for the year ahead.  Take a look at what the Speakers Corner team hope to do in 2019...  Sophie Graci : to make more time to see my friends and family, buy less takeaway, and be less afraid of making difficult changes that will make me happier. Ela Tabbernor : to be more creative.  Holly Beddingfield : to build my own website and run every week.
Mohamed Musa : I have two. 1) To read 25 books in 2019 and 2) to get to 12% body fat.  Matt Wetherall : Cook dinner at home more and eat out less. Pick back up with martial arts. Start reading books (in reality it’ll be audiobooks #confessionception.)  Rob Newton : Do more of what makes you happy.
Payal Patel : Eat better foods and get more proactive with workouts.
Paula Hastie : to get over my crippling obsession with Tom Hardy. It’s ruining my life.
Debbie Price : my new year’s resolution is not to make new year’s resolutions – because it is my birthday and my boyfriend’s birthdays in January so there is no way we are doing dry-January or only eating pulses and quinoa! January for us is a continuation of the Christmas festivities, i.e. eat and drink whatever the hell we like - in fact, so is the rest of the year too. Life is for living!  Tim Gold : Learn Catalan (despite the fact I have been saying this for 4 years now).  Lucy Baily : Run 10K!  Roma Brown : Learn to ride a bike…without training wheels!  Helena Horesh : I am a pretty busy person in and out of the office but my aim next year is to try and find time to grab new and exciting opportunities – even if it is in regards to travel, seeing exhibitions, films, theatre etc – I need to find a bit more ‘me’ time amongst caring for clients, speakers and elderly parents!!  There is never enough time in my day or week!  And persuade my husband to go to India with me!!  Dan Risner : Look less like David Brent and more like David Beckham (more abs less flabs), be a better listener, do more charity work and write more music.  Rebecca Matthews : I’d like to cook every single recipe from a recipe book – I’m thinking a classic like How to Eat by Nigella or How to Cook by Delia. I’d also like to visit a couple of new places – could be a city, region or country. In an ideal world I’ll pick somewhere off the Lonely Planet’s best places visit in 2019 to or National Geographic’s Cool List for 2019.  Emilie Wolfman : start a podcast! Maybe a Speakers Corner podcast… watch this space! And cut down on single-use plastics.  Yogesh Patel : To catch up with my cousins at least twice a month!  Dani Teale : Find time to read more. Do something that scares me. Finish my AAT certificate on time. Be more consistent in my workouts. Go to salsa dancing at least twice a month. Travel somewhere I haven’t been before. ....Phew! What do you hope to achieve?

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