Meet The Team Our Annual Mince Pie Tasting Competition 2017

Our Annual Mince Pie Tasting Competition 2017

It's that time of year... for the Official Speakers Corner Mince Pie Tasting Competition 2017! (Also known as an excuse for our team to eat a lot of mince pies.)

As usual, we picked 7 brands:

- M&S Lattice Topped Mince Pies £0.25 per pie

- Greggs Sweet Mince Pies £0.29 per pie

- Sainsbury's Deep Filled Mince Pies £0.29 per pie

- Heston from Waitrose Spiced Shortcrust Mince Pies with a Lemon Twist £0.75 per pie

- Tesco All Butter Pastry Deep Filled Mince Pies £0.25 per pie

- Morrisons All Butter Mince pies  £0.33 per pie

- Tesco 'Free From' gluten, wheat and milk mince pies £0.44 per pie

We've tasted and deliberated and created an intense Excel spreadsheet to calculate the results... and the overall winner this year was... Morrisons! This delicious 'All Butter' number impressed our team across the board, scoring highly in all categories, winning outright in both 'depth of flavour' and 'depth of filling', and tying for first place for 'pastry' along with Tesco. 

Tesco also offered an interesting gluten-, wheat- and milk-free option in the form of their 'Free From' deep filled mince pies.

Greggs was the only non-supermarket contender this year, with their 'sweet mince pies', also did well in the 'depth of filling' category, while M&S triumphed in 'Appearance', and Heston, as ever, divided us all with its controversial twist on a classic.

Happy mince pie munching! 

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