Blog Our Top Picks From The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Our Top Picks From The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Every August, we send two lucky members of our team up to Scotland's capital to find the best new talent at the Edinburgh Fringe. This year, Matt and Dan were picked to check out what's happening on the comedy scene. Here are their top picks...

Harry & Chris

Harry & Chris Save The World: The nations favourite (only) comedy jazz-rap duo. With songs on topics ranging from pandas, to the world cup, to the end of the world, Harry and Chris performed a hilarious set. They even included an interactive segment where Harry would perform a freestyle using words the audience shouted out. Very clean, very funny.

Jazz-rap comedy duo, Harry & Chris

Nina Conti

Nina Conti Is Monkey: Nina is constantly innovating her act, and her new show didn't disappoint. Her performance was outstanding and was made even more impressive considering it was entirely improvised and shaped by audience interaction and suggestions. Absolute genius, probably the best show we saw at this year's festival.

webp-net-resizeimage-47-.jpgVentriloquist and comedian Nina Conti (with Monkey)

Colin Hoult

Anna Mann's Late Night Cheese & Sex Party: Colin Hoult's fabulously outrageous and egotistical creation, Anna Mann, hosted a hilarious evening of stand-up. The show received the best audience reaction we'd seen, and had us crying with laughter at times.

Creator of Anna Mann, Colin Hoult

Tania Edwards

Not My Dog: A cynical, mean-sprited, middle-class take on life. Tania's husband bore the brunt of the majority of her jokes, but she still found time to interact with the audience and laugh at herself. A really solid set, perfect for the corporate scene.

The hilariously cynical, Tania Edwards

Tom Neenan

It's Always Infinity: This was one of the funniest shows we have ever seen. He tells the story of his missing girlfriend and his hilarious desire to be a "good guy". His enthusiastic and full of energy performance was laugh out loud funny. He uses pictures, videos and interactive multi media recordings which just enhances the experience.

Good guy, Tom Neenan

Flo and Joan

Alive on Stage: Comedy genius. A sister duo who perform self-written comedy songs about all their favourite topics; gender equality, food, love and life. They are a genuine delight to watch.

Sister Duo, Flo & Joan

Matt Forde

Brexit Through the Gift Shop: A very funny take on politics today and the characters involved in it. Matt talks about what is going on politically in a very down to earth and relatable way, mixing in impressions of the people he is referencing. You don't even have to know what is going on in politics to find this funny.

Seasoned impressionist and comedian, Matt Forde

Angela Barnes

Rose Tinted: Hilarious and intelligent. Angela tackles women's rights, politics and her own mental health struggle, delivering a very funny take on some very serious issues. She held the sold out room beautifully and made her large audience feel very intimate.

Award winning comedian, Angela Barnes

Our colleague Paula also headed up to The Fringe for a weekend of comedy and brough back with her some shortbread (obvs) and rave reviews of one act in particular;

"Ashley Storrie is the best thing I have seen since Kevin Bridges played the Apollo in 2010. It's not suited for the corporate scene, but her show, Adulting, is truthful, relatable, explicit and exciting. It's a must see but not for those easily offended. Although it's beyond amusing to see all the men in the room squirm when she touches on 'woman's issues'. Loved her!"

Ashley Storrie, daughter of comedy legend, Janey Godley

Thanks for the recommendation Paula, though maybe not one if you're looking for a squeaky clean corporate set!

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Until next year, Fringe...


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