News People Fear Public Speaking Over Death

People Fear Public Speaking Over Death

A recent survey showed that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying; the only thing feared more than public speaking was the loss of a family member.

The poll asked 2000 people to list in order their 10 main phobias; they tended to be phobias we would expect such as the dentist and claustrophobia. However, there were also some fears we would not have expected such as woolly jumpers and holes in doughnuts.

The poll showed that of the 2000 people that participated the majority feared losing a family member most of all, however the second biggest fear was speaking in public ahead of being buried alive and dying.

According to an article in The Times, women fear public speaking more than men. Women are more worried about embarrassing themselves in public or forgetting their words in front of an audience than they are of meeting an early grave.

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