Blog Prioritising Purpose: Our Easter Foodbank Drive

Prioritising Purpose: Our Easter Foodbank Drive

Did you give up anything for Lent this year?

We often find ourselves vowing to leave behind chocolate, alcohol, or crisps for 40 days. It’s always a challenge, and, if we make it, we might feel quite good about ourselves.


However, this year, we decided to look at the 40-day period a little differently.

What could we do, collectively, that could make a bigger difference?

We decided to come together and start a foodbank collection. The logic was simple – if one item was brought every day, we would have at least 40 items by the time Easter rolls around. And this would be a minimum!


Our chosen donation point is Islington Foodbank. They do amazing work all year round, and we wanted to choose somewhere close to our stomping ground of Holloway Road.

There has been a recent amplification by the media on the topic of Brexit and stockpiling. We see reports of people storing hundreds of tins in their loft, or hoarding toilet roll for their entire family.

Of course, these anxieties are real, and often comedic. But not everyone has the privilege, or space, to hoard resources.

As we near the end of our foodbank drive, we are realising that partaking in a project of purpose brings more satisfaction than giving up chocolate ever could.

And this way, we get to carry on dipping into the biscuit supply in the office, which you can see on our Twitter, here

Happy Easter!

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