Restaurateur, celebrity chef, TV personality, Jamie Oliver is a super brand

1 July 2009

A chef, restaurater, A-list international celebrity, bestselling author, national campaigner, motivational keynote speaker and an MBE at the age, all add up to make Jamie Oliver a brand in his own right.

The director of a film about early-day TV celebrity chefs, Rose Gray & Ruth Rogers at the River Cafe Restaurant, saw star quality in the young sous chef from Essex and the rest, as they say, is history.

The television programmes and projects flowed - The Naked Chef, Jamie's Kitchen, Jamie's School Dinners, Ministry of Food, Fifteen, Jamie's Fowl Dinners, Jamie Saves our Bacon, the Jamie magazine and a Tupperware style party plan business is in the pipeline.

Matt Kingdon  and Chris Barez-Brown  at the ?WhatIf! Brand & Innovation Company have worked on aspects of Jamie Oliver's empire but as with any brand, there are always critics and some say fear that Jamie Oliver is spreading his talents too thinly.

An article on the Jamie Oliver appeared in The Times.

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