Rocket Man - Songs To Take You Into Space!

Jason Smith 15 December 2015

With the news that British astronaut, Tim Peake, is ready to make space history today, and with news that he has chosen a number of tunes to be played into his headphones before liftoff, we got thinking about what tunes we would have for the launch itself.

So here's our list with links to the song in question.

From Marketing, Jason Smith : "It has to be Motorhead’s Ace of Spades  pumping into the cans at 11 to rocket me into outta space: 'And don't forget the joker!!!!'" Lucy Baily  from Account Management goes for  Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger , the first of two pugilistic choices.

Interesting and apt club choice from our leader, Nick Gold , with Jamiroquai’s - Space Cowboy  (David Morales Classic Remix).

Jay K - Son of Moonwalk

Brother Tim (Gold)  is keeping it equally space themed (although it wasn't a requirement) in going for The Prodigy's Out of Space . Oddly the video was filmed on a farm but then I guess not that odd really.  Paula Mahmassani  from Logistics goes for  Elton John’s B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets

Elton John being well lippy Adam Cuthbert  from Account Management is going for anything of the Rocky IV soundtrack mentioning No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper . 10 out of 10 on the cheese! Lucy Musselwhite , fellow marketer, is stuck between Britney Spears' Stronger and Eminem’s Lose Yourself  with the latter (definitely) getting the air time out of the two! Debbie Price  from Account Management is going for the hopeful Livin’ on a Prayer by New Jersey’s Bongiovi . Where did Tommy work people and why does Gina bring back her pay for?

Bon Jovi. Anyone seen Alec?

Latest addition to the Speakers Corner Logistic team is Seye Olajide , and he’s gone for the nearly apt Walking on the Moon by The Police . However, Floating in the Space Station is a song yet to be written. Helena Horesh  from Logistics is getting all progressive on us with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. So it has to be their  The Great Gig in the Sky  for this one. Sing it Clare!

Dark Side of Mr Moon

It would be interesting to see what Tim Peake chose for his list; maybe we'll find out one day. Either way, we wish him and his team a safe flight up to the International Space Station, and return.

Keep rocking to whatever tune rocks your world

(or blasts you away from it)!


Image of Lemmy Kilmister chosen before his untimely death 13 days later on the 28th December 2015. He will be missed by many and at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, where he stationed himself for many years. He lived & died fast but his name will live on.

"Rest hard & loud".

Thanks to Wikipedia for the images and Youtube for the music.

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