Sofar Sounds and Airbnb Team Up

17 July 2017

Feeding consumers’ desires for real experiences, Airbnb and Sofar Sounds have teamed up to launch the Music Experiences project.

Found under Airbnb's global Trips platform, Music Experiences will allow consumers to access intimate live music performances, underground nightlife and special experiences hosted by artists, industry professionals and local scene experts.

Sofar Sounds will be one of the key hosts on this function. If you haven’t heard of Sofar Sounds, it was founded by keynote speaker  and brand innovator Rafe Offer . After working with giants such as Coca-Cola and Disney on their marketing strategies, Rafe took his expertise and built his own brand, Sofar Sounds. They put on secret music events in cities all over the world, allowing people to experience the talents of performing artists and live music in more intimate venues.

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Intimate live music experiences

With consumers making higher demands for real and meaningful experiences in exchange for their money, this partnership is an exact example of feeding this desire. Allowing people access to exclusive and immersive events whilst also connecting them to their local scene makes for an exciting combination.

Rafe commented that “Sofar Sounds, like Airbnb, is all about global community; the magic that happens when people come together around the universal things that really matter, like music.”

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