Speakers Corner Book Club: The Art of Creating a Winning Mindset for Leaders

9 December 2019

This month’s book club dives into the art of creating a winning mindset for business leaders. Focusing on 3 books; Thinking the Unthinkable, Five Steps to a Winning Mindset and The Business of Winning, Payal, Sophie and Abbie followed the stories of Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon, Damian Hughes and Mark Gallagher as they share the secrets of leadership, teamwork, mindsets and how to win at business.

With last month's book review jumping into  Creating Success in a Changing World , we felt like creating the winning mindset was the perfect place to start!

Join us in discovering the brilliant minds behind the pages of this month’s reading list.

Payal - Thinking the Unthinkable  Nik Gowing  & Chris Langdon

Giving full insights into the world of business, political leaders and leadership, Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon’s Thinking the Unthinkable demonstrates how these three factors contribute to the world we live in today.

Taking a deep dive into the challenges faced by leaders in organisations today, the intriguing book unravels the struggles of Brexit, changing mindsets, culture and behaviours while finding inventive strategic approaches to deal with the changing world.

I think this is a perfect book for leaders who want to make a change within their organisation and create a winning mindset by thinking outside the box.

A toxic culture frequently suppresses all possibilities to create the right conditions to modify culture positively. To fix it, a leader must accept the scale and nature of it first, otherwise he or she will fail

Sophie - Five Steps to a Winning Mindset by  Damian Hughes

Damian Hughes is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Psychology, and in his book The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset, he draws on examples of the best coaches in the world across a variety of sports to put together five principles for leaders in business: Simplicity, Thinking Emotions, Practical, Stories.

I found it an easy, engaging and often at times witty writing style, with Damien making his examples exciting to even those amongst us with minimal knowledge of sports.

I particularly liked that each chapter concludes with an exercise or practical takeaway for business leaders to use in their day-to-day. You should read The Five STEPS to a Winning Mindset because it will not only guide you towards being a better 'coach' but also a better team player!

"What matters is not only what we know, but how simply and clearly we can communicate it to those who need to grasp it in order to succeed."

Abigail - The Business of Winning by  Mark Gallagher

The Business of Winning by Mark Gallagher pulls apart the infrastructure of Formula One to show how this business model has made or broken teams. In F1, the focus in on winning, but the competition isn’t confined to the track.

The books explores how it extends to sponsorship, marketing, engineering, health and safety, and above all, a strong and unified team. With technology constantly evolving, a single poorly designed component in the race could be detrimental to the success of the team, as well as the sponsorships which funds them. Mark has been able to rub shoulders and sit with the biggest names in F1, and takes us all on a wonderful and insightful journey through the history of this wonderful sport.

With an abundance of wonderful anecdotes along the way, you really get the feeling that you’re sitting alongside the team.

“If you aim to be the best then it's essential to evolve constantly, learn from past mistakes, look for new opportunities and have the flexibility to implement improved processes and solutions along the way.”

If you're on the look out for more inspiration, discover the wide range of speakers  who are sharing the strategies business leaders need to create winning mindsets!

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