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Speakers Corner World Cup Predictions

For the last week or so the word’s ‘football’ and ‘World Cup’ have been mentioned numerous times in the office. Nick has been pacing the room and emailing us the lyrics to ‘Football’s Coming Home’, meanwhile Louise has been talking non-stop about the teams she think will make the final. In addition to the football crazy fans in the office, one of our team members, Tim, is in Brazil for his honeymoon and will be attending a few of the matches.

Luckily the wait is over and tonight the World Cup begins, we decided it would be a good idea to get some predictions from the Speakers Corner here goes:

-Louise thinks Brazil will win ‘They are on home soil so have a big advantage and the whole country will be going nuts about it. I think that Brazil and Argentina will be in the final, the South American countries will cope better with the conditions than the European countries.’

-Jason is backing Germany ‘I have Germany in the sweep stake. I think it’s between them and the host nation Brazil. Maybe even both in the final!’

-Sophie is hoping Argentina will come out on top ‘I shouldn’t even enter into this debate, given I know nothing about footie. However, Nick reckoned his “tip” was Argentina, and as I have drawn them, I feel it’s only fair to show my support.’

-Nat has predicted that Japan will reach the final and Argentina will win and this is ‘based on nothing except the fact that Argentina is the place I want to go to most in the world and Japan is second on my list.’

-Helena believes that 'the Netherlands may be in with a chance, I know they have shown skill on the field in the past.'

-Number one football fan, Nick has predicted that Argentina will win it, Chile will be the dark horses and there will be a terrible world cup song.

What do you think of our world cup predictions? We would love to hear more…

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