Steve Cunningham Proves Bullies Wrong

3 July 2013

Steve Cunningham  has proven his bullies wrong after they told him that he would amount to nothing when he became blind at the age of 12. Motivational speaker , Steve was told that he would only amount to selling matches in the street. He proved his bullies wrong and went onto captain the England blind football team, become a member of the England blind cricket eleven and was the world’s first blind pilot.

Steve whose guide dog is called Foster,  is starring in the ITV Documentary ‘Me and My Guide Dog’ and spends most of his time reaching out to people of all ages, inspiring them to reach their potential.

Steve stated that “If you are told on a regular basis that you can’t do something you believe it but, really, the only thing that stops blind people is other people’s misconceptions.”

The ITV documentary starring Steve and his guide dog highlights the difference that guide dogs make to people’s lives.

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