News The Apprentice Chinese Style

The Apprentice Chinese Style

China is getting its own TV version of the "The Apprentice," where contestants compete against each other for a top spot in the business world.

"Win in China" debuted on China's largest TV network, CCTV, Wednesday night, featuring what described as a cast of "would-be Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world [who] compete to become bosses of new businesses."

According to "Win in China's" producers, participants in the eight-month show will face rigorous tests of their tenacity, business acumen and street savvy.

Twelve finalists will be chosen from among 3,000 entrants by a panel of academic experts and successful entrepeneurs.

Every week, one of would-be Trumps will be eliminated until they get down to five.

But rather than having a Chinese version of giving contestants the axe with 'You're fired" (like the fate of Saira Khan and others), "Win in China" will have it's audience select a winner.

The prize? Instead of going to work at under a Trump/Sugar-like tycoon, the winner will run a new business with a registered capital of no less than $1.2 million.

"'Win in China' will be inspirational, celebrating the indomitable human spirit and encouraging Chinese people to achieve their dreams," said producer Wang Lifen.

The show will be much more dramatic and interactive than the UK or American show, he insists, because the audience will be involved - a concept borrowed from another U.S. hit, "American Idol."

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