The Benefits of Meeting Our Speakers

Rhona Nielson 15 July 2014

At Speakers Corner we are occasionally visited by some amazing speakers, and of course this causes lots of excitement in the office. Meeting our speakers is obviously a huge perk to working in this industry but more importantly it benefits our speakers and our clients.

Here’s how meeting our speakers/seeing them speak at events helps our speakers, our clients and us:

Meeting a speaker is great for growing our relationship with them and seeing a speaker on stage gives us insight to their content, allowing us to fully understand the messages they are sending to their audience. When a speaker comes in to the office we recommend that they tell us a bit about their speech and what they want the audience to gain from it.

We help speakers to tailor their speeches to different audiences and also to relate their experiences to business, so that what they are saying is also relevant to corporate audiences. When a speaker comes in lots of questions are fired at them-we want to know who their ideal audience is and if they have the ability to speak on a range of topics.

At Speakers Corner we are also happy to help speakers with queries regarding their fee; we don’t encourage our speakers to speak for free as it devalues them (this is of course dependant on the event). Therefore we are happy to give them a rough idea of what fee they should be starting at and if they agree we will give this fee to our clients. Some of our favourite speakers that have been into the office include Jo Malone , Linda Moir , Miles Hilton-Barber , Caspar Berry  and Alex Hunter .

Now you might ask- why does our team seeing speakers in action help the client? When a client phones our bookings team asking for speaker recommendations, the bookings team can give an honest opinion on the speakers that they have seen and they can tell the client in detail about the speakers content, the quality of their speech and how they would be a perfect fit for their event.

Sometimes the opposite may occur; a client will phone us looking for a specific speaker for their event. If a member of the bookings team has seen the speaker at an event or in the office and they don’t think their content is quite right they will tell the client and have a discussion about speakers they believe are more suitable for the brief.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the benefits of us meeting speakers in the office or going out to events to see our speakers in front of an audience. We aim to provide the perfect speaker for our client’s events.

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