Tom Pellereau's Business Plan

19 March 2012

The 2011 Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau has secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar for his nail file business plan, a project he began working on before he starred on the BBC One reality series.

32 year old Tom won the 2011 series and has announced plans for his S shape nail files - an S-file, an S-buffer and an "emergency" S-file - all available to buy for £4.49.

"Since the Apprentice final I've been working night and day to create the Stylfile Collection," said Tom.

"Working with Lord Sugar and benefiting from his experience in retailing, manufacturing and marketing has been invaluable. It has been the experience of a lifetime, and seeing my product on shelf is a dream come true."

Lord Sugar added: "Tom's done extremely well at turning a very good concept into three excellent products and getting them stocked with some of the biggest retailers in the country."

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