Turning Pain into Purpose |The Week That Was

Turning Pain into Purpose |The Week That Was

Hello I’m Natalia, the Digital Content Marketer for Speakers Corner.

From powerful mental health speakers, social health advocates, and pioneers of our digital age, this week we where inspired by the incredible stories we heard of overcoming fear in the face of adversity and pushing on to greatness.

Check out this week’s incredible speakers in our weekly addition of The Week That Was.

Hayley Mulenda


Described as "an inspiration for the next generation", Hayley Mulenda joined us at Speakers Corner to share her mental health journey and how she helps inspire others to turn their pain into purpose.

Zoe Kleinman and Vint Cerf: When Wetware and Software Collide


The internet, machine learning and social media are products of our information age. Journalist Zoe Kleinman and computing pioneer and 'father of the internet' Vint Cerf explored how this mix of capabilities, misinformation and disinformation helped pollute the infosphere and what is to be done to preserve the great utility of technologies, while suppressing their abuse.

Running Wild by Bobby O'Donnell


After almost losing everything at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Bobby O’Donnell, embarked on an ambitious quest to run a marathon on all seven continents. From dodging penguins in Antarctica, to running under the shadow of Mt. Everest, Bobby inspired us with a true testament to following your dreams and overcoming fear in the midst of overwhelming adversity.

Lee Lawrence


Social change advocate, Lee Lawrence came into Speakers Corner to share his story from the Brixton Riots to now helping marginalized people find their voice, manage conflict, and overcome injustice.

Christopher Barratt


With over 20 years’ experience at the sharp end of commercial big business, Christopher Barrat came into Speakers Corner to share how he uses his experiences to challenge thinking on a broad spectrum of commercial, communication, team building and leadership topics.

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